Complete Business IT Services

Such is the diversity of our client base that each and every day we are seeing new ways in which IT can work for your business to save you time and money. We believe that your IT should work for you and your business, instead of your business working to the constraints of your IT.

Websites, Hosting & Development

We have in-house designers and developers who would be happy to talk to you about a website to work for your business. Contact us now to make sure you are getting the best deal on your domain name, web hosting, and email management.

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Disaster Recovery & Backup

Backup is an essential service for any business that uses IT. If you can answer no to any of these you should contact us as soon as possible:

  • Is your backup encrypted? Could it fall into the wrong hands?
  • Can you restore a single file?
  • Can you roll a file back in the event of a file being modified incorrectly?
  • Do you know your restore time in the event of an outage?


WardTech are Dahua accredited installers, with the knowledge and capability to deliver the right system at a great price point. We design, install and maintain our systems, so that you can relax knowing you are covered.

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Print & Copy

Print and Copy prices can quickly become unmanageable and until the dream of a paperless office becomes a reality, printers and copiers are essential to businesses. Talk to us about how we can help you reduce costs and manage your print and copy needs.

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We offer a complete range of IT services.
We can technically assist or offer
complete IT management.

Complete Business IT Support

Wardtech make your IT work. Simple. No gimmicks, no jargon. We provide IT support designed around the operational needs of our customers.

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Network & Infrastructure

Cables, wiring, racks and hardware. We design, supply and install everything you need for a reliable network.

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Websites, Hosting & Development

Host your website on best-in-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service, with knowledgeable and local support. Our specialist team can provide website development and design all managed from a single point.

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For a friendly chat about your IT needs get in touch

Here at WardTech, we have been looking after businesses IT needs in North Wales for over 13 years. What makes us different? We build great relationships with our customers, our testimonials and reviews will explain better than we can. Between our team, we are experienced in nearly every business sector and have good relationships with lots of 3rd party vendors. We always handle our customer's requirements from start to finish, giving you a single point of contact. Our customer retention is over 99%