CCTV Installed and Maintained

WardTech are Dahua accredited installers, with the knowledge and capability to deliver the right system at a great price point. We design, install and maintain our systems, so that you can relax knowing you are covered.

CCTV Design and Installation

CCTV is now an essential element in securing your business, with the state of the art, there are a number of considerations to make. Wardtech is unique in their ability to integrate CCTV into your network safely and security.

The design of the systems and the placement of cameras as well as the infrastructure all play important parts in the smooth running and safe operation of your CCTV system.

Great Hardware

Our partnership with Dahua means that we supply some of the best cameras and most intelligent recording systems in the marketplace. Dahua are consistently achieving recognition world wide for their progress in providing leading class technology at an affordable price point.




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