Cyber Security

Wardtech have best-in-class hardware and tailored security systems in place for all of our clients. Some of them don’t even know!


Did I lock the front door?

Teenagers looking to get a kick or a coordinated cyber attack? The reality is that either or both could have devastating impact on your business. The threat landscape is vast, and what makes our support stand out against other support providers is that we are always developing our security protocols and engaging with the world leading forums to ensure that our standard security levels are head and shoulders above the rest.




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Here at WardTech, we have been looking after businesses IT needs in North Wales for over 13 years. What makes us different? We build great relationships with our customers, our testimonials and reviews will explain better than we can. Between our team, we are experienced in nearly every business sector and have good relationships with lots of 3rd party vendors. We always handle our customer's requirements from start to finish, giving you a single point of contact. Our customer retention is over 99%