Telecoms & Internet

Your internet connection is your pipeline to the outside world, when you experience problems with your connection, it’s not just the frustration and the loss of time that’s impacting your business, your reputation can be at risk as well.

A competent point of contact

Since our inception, we have had to deal with internet and telecoms providers. With this experience, we not only understand the language that they use and what to say to get things done, we know which partners to choose. We have chosen our partners in telecoms, internet and VOIP providers not simply for their great pricing and excellent products, but also because we have built a relationship with them over the years. If you’re having a problem connecting, we take that as our responsibility to get you back online.




For a friendly chat about your IT needs get in touch

Here at WardTech, we have been looking after businesses IT needs in North Wales for over 13 years. What makes us different? We build great relationships with our customers, our testimonials and reviews will explain better than we can. Between our team, we are experienced in nearly every business sector and have good relationships with lots of 3rd party vendors. We always handle our customer's requirements from start to finish, giving you a single point of contact. Our customer retention is over 99%