Disaster Recovery & Backup

Corrupted hardware, malware attacks, user error or a power failure could take down your systems. If the worst should happen, how quickly can you get your business back up and running? 

Lose the hype, not your data.

Recovering from a major event that results in data loss is painful; there’s no two ways about it. What makes it worse is having days upon end of down-time before things are restored. We have collaborated with best-in-class suppliers to design a recovery programme that gives you a realistic understanding of how long a recovery will take.

Building on that, we work hard behind the scenes to ensure your systems have the right monitoring and risk avoidance measures in place, so that we minimise the possibility and the impact of a major event.

Integrated Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery isn’t simply retrieving data that’s been lost, it’s rebuilding systems, reinstating users, re-configuring essential network components. Even with all the best software and best toys, nothing beats comprehensive and realistic planning, and knowing where your system needs attention. 

Practice, practice, practice.

Everything gets better if you practice. We run simulated restorations, regularly, so that if the time comes to do a real-life restore, we know if there is anything lurking in the bushes. No surprises, no jargon.




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